Smart Door Sensor
Additions security for your home. Smart Door Sensor, small size, and easy to use with batteries. With this size, no one will notice the sensor. It will alarm you when, someone forced the door to open.
Smart IP Camera
Monitoring your home, family everytime and everywhere. Smart IP Camera equipped with high definition lens, that can give you more detail when monitoring your family at home. Additional feature is Infrared sensor, that make smart IP Camera working at night.
Smart Socket
Smart socket can help you to protect your family at home, when you forgot to turn off electronic goods like TV, Radio, and other electronics. Save your family, your home, and your money from electric bills.
Main Gateway
You will need this, to get all Novo Smarthome Features. Main gateway like a brain for all your smarthome product, you can control all active product at main gateway through Novo smarthome apps.
Smart IR Transfer
Smart IR Transfer, its work like magic. Conect to gateway, and you can control all remotable goods like TV, Radio, and Air Conditioner, through your Novo smarthome apps Anywhere, and Anytime.
Smart Smoke Detector
This small product, but like a life saver for your family and your home. Place this at kitchen to help you prevent the fire at your kitchen. Safety for you, especially for your Kitchen.
Smart Gas Detector
Protect your family from any poisonous gas. This Smart Gas Detector will help you to alarm you when gas leak happened, so you can prevent your family and home from trouble.
Smart Switch
Its time to save your electric bill, turn off your un-used lamp, anytime, and everywhere with this smart switch lamp through your Novo smarthome apps.